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Vote Against Repeal - Charlotte, NC - November 6, 2007


Vote Against Repeal If you care about the environment because:

  • Charlotte has a serious air quality problem.
  • Congestion is a major cause of air pollution in Charlotte.
  • A quality transit system attracts tens of thousands of people out of their cars.
  • We need to take many incremental steps to fight global warming and clean our air.
  • Providing travel choices for people commuting makes sense.
  • There are no new taxes needed to build the future transit system.
  • Light rail and quality bus service are important tools needed for better land use, planning and fighting urban sprawl.
  • Higher property taxes will be needed to replace the sales tax, taking money away from parks and other public services.
  • Pressure will be on to build more highways and further damage our environment.
  • Improving public transit is the right thing to do for Charlotte's future.



VOTE AGAINST REPEAL - Copyright 2007 - Paid for by the Committee to Defeat Repeal