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Vote Against Repeal - Charlotte, NC - November 6, 2007


WHEREAS, the half cent-sales tax was approved by Mecklenburg voters in 1998 as a dedicated revenue stream to fund the construction of a comprehensive Mass Transportation Plan for Mecklenburg County, including Light Rail, Commuter Rail, Street Car, Bus Rapid Transit and an expanded bus system; and


WHEREAS, in 2007, 71-cents of every dollar of the sales tax is used to support the operation and capital needs of rubber wheeled vehicles in the CATS system; and


WHEREAS, since 1998, the construction of the Light Rail line through the historic South End district has resulted in the investment of more than $1 billion dollars into development projects that are either completed, under construction, or announced; and


WHEREAS, the loss of the half-cent cent sales tax will result in the need for a new revenue stream to meet commitments already made for the South Light Rail line in the likely form of increased property taxes; and


WHEREAS, repealing the broad based half-cent sales tax currently being paid by renters, commuters, and travelers participating in daily commerce in the Charlotte area and will place the tax burden exclusively on property owners within the City of Charlotte; and


WHEREAS, mass transit is good for the environment and produces 95% less carbon monoxide, 45% less carbon dioxide and 48% less nitrogen oxide per passenger per mile; and


WHEREAS, CATS reduces traffic congestion by over two million hours per year in Charlotte, which is the nation's 22nd most heavily congested city and the second highest congested city among cities of the same size; and


WHEREAS, CATS ridership has increased by 67% since 1998 and the loss of the half-cent sales tax could force reductions in bus service, leading to a devastating impact on those that rely on mass transit to get to work;


WHEREAS, public transportation contributes positively to the lifestyles of those that live, work and visit the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County and is necessary to keep Mecklenburg moving; and


THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Co-Chairs of the Vote Against Repeal Committee: Pat Mumford, Margaret Almond, Joni Davis, Michael DeVaul, George Shields, Frances Harkey and Betty Chafin Rash, enthusiastically endorses retaining the half cent sales tax as a dedicated revenue stream to fund the 2030 Mass Transportation Plan and urges our community to Vote Against Repeal of the tax on November 6, 2007.




VOTE AGAINST REPEAL - Copyright 2007 - Paid for by the Committee to Defeat Repeal