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Vote Against Repeal - Charlotte, NC - November 6, 2007
Why Vote Against


why you should vote against repeal of the transit tax on november 6, 2007?

Many leaders and citizens of Mecklenburg County representing a broad cross section of the community, have joined together to urge you to VOTE AGAINST THE REPEAL OF THE TRANSIT TAX and Keep Mecklenburg Moving!

Voters wisely imposed this tax nine years ago to implement a long range plan to enhance public transit in our county — and much good has come from the decision. Since 1998, bus ridership has increased 67%, and our county will soon have an initial light rail line — with more rail transit to follow.

Our message is that there is more at stake than simply voting on a question of taxes — the real issue voters will decide is what kind of FUTURE do we want to have. The election will do more than send a message; it will have profound meaning to our community for years to come.

VOTE AGAINST REPEAL of the transit tax this November 6. Keep Mecklenburg Moving.

Let us further explain to you why...



  • The most direct impact of the vote to repeal the transit tax is on existing and future public transportation.
  • Since the sales tax was imposed in 1998, the bus fleet has grown to over 500, there have been 31 new routes established, and new express routes created.
  • This has led to a growth in ridership of 67%.
  • And the best is yet to come with the soon to be completed LYNX Blue Line light rail service in the South Corridor — the first of several new rail transit routes and the promise to bring still more new patrons to the public transit system.
  • Unless a property tax increase is imposed to make up for the sales tax, significant reductions to the public transit system are likely.
  • Sadly, those who rely most on transit to get around may completely lose that ability, and of course area residents will be deprived of the choice to take public transit.
  • On simply allowing our residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of public transportation, VOTE AGAINST REPEAL of the transit tax. Keep Mecklenburg Moving.


  • Mecklenburg County has a proud past and a bright future.
  • The city of Charlotte is recognized as one of the leading American cities — a city of economic vitality, diversity, culture, progress and major league sports.
  • Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte have joined nearly every major city in the United States in offering a variety of public transit options.
  • In fact, most large metropolitan areas have a rail transit system.
  • If Mecklenburg County voters repeal the transit tax and bus and rail development is curtailed, our community stands to lose considerably.
  • It would also mean the federal dollars that might come to Mecklenburg County to support public transit may go to other areas of the country.
  • To reject continuing expansion of transit service will send the wrong message to those that might want to locate their businesses here or visit here.


In simply considering whether we have the economic development of other great American cities, VOTE AGAINST REPEAL of the transit tax. Keep Mecklenburg Moving.


  • Public transit affords our community the opportunity to reduce congestion and improve our environment.
  • Mecklenburg County is facing days in which pollution reach dangerous levels and jeopardize our quality of life – we just experienced a rare "Purple" day recently.
  • Certainly, the tremendous growth of the number of automobiles contributes greatly to this worrisome problem.
  • Allowing more residents the choice to get out of their vehicles by using transit will greatly help our air quality.
  • If public transportation is crippled, the relentless increase in vehicle miles traveled will continue — and the air we breathe will continue to deteriorate.
  • If we face more "Purple" days — our beautiful community suffers.


On simply protecting our air quality and our environment, VOTE AGAINST REPEAL of the transit tax. Keep Mecklenburg Moving.


  • Some voters may mistakenly believe that Mecklenburg County taxes will be lowered if the transit sales tax is eliminated.
  • The fact is if voters repeal the transit tax, city officials will be faced with a very difficult choice: either impose a property tax to make up the shortfall of taxes, drastically reduce existing public transit services or cut other vital public services (such as police, fire, streets or recreation services.)
  • If the sales tax were repealed, Charlotte would have to increase the property taxes significantly to make up the money the city would lose.
  • Exchanging the property tax for the sales tax is a bad deal for taxpayers as 30% of the sales tax comes from non-residents of Mecklenburg County, while residents would pay all of the property tax.
  • If city officials choose not to raise the property tax, then city services would have to be cut or other taxes or fees increased to pay for them.


On simply a matter of tax fairness and reducing the burden on Mecklenburg residents, VOTE AGAINST REPEAL of the transit tax. Keep Mecklenburg Moving.


  • Every great community reaches a point when it decides what kind of future it wants to have.
  • Mecklenburg County has a bright future — a vital community with economic growth and many amenities that make this a special place to live and work.
  • In November, we have an important decision to make that will impact our future.
  • Do we want to create more choices for people to move about our community and experience the natural investment that cities across the United States have seen come from transit development?
  • Or, do we want to take a huge step backward and return to a limited public transportation system that does not adequately serve our community?
  • This issue is about our FUTURE.
  • We want to ensure the best possible future for our children, and generations to come.





VOTE AGAINST REPEAL - Copyright 2007 - Paid for by the Committee to Defeat Repeal